Africa’s second most visited country just behind South Africa, Morocco is today a favored destination for French people and more generally Europeans. Zoom on the subject with Marrakech Private Resort.

The cities of Morocco are privileged destinations

With nearly 11 million visitors in 2014, Morocco is a stronghold of African tourism. At Marrakech Privat Resort, we are proud to be part of this success with our luxury villa rentals. Unlike countries that see their tourist attendance drop every year like Tunisia or Egypt, Morocco is doing well by offering quality holidays to its vacationers without breaking the price as can the neighboring countries. The French, Italian and still English make Morocco a preferred destination.

Political stability and a real quality of welcome

Morocco, for all to see, is a safe country where tourists feel safe and confident. The quality of welcome is widely recognized and the kindness of the premises is really appreciated by all. The quality to price ratio is excellent. For this reason, do not hesitate to contact Marrakech Private Resort for more information about our luxury villa rentals in Marrakech. Our wide range of villas and the quality of our services make us think at every moment of your comfort. Contact us on +33 (0) 1 80 963 221 and it is with great pleasure that we will respond to your requests.

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