Let the enchanting mysteries of oriental spa come to you!

After a long day on the greens or exploring the region, indulge in a massage and relax in your own villa with our teams of professional delivering refined well-being. Our refined body treatments (hammam, massage and pedicure) are delivered according to traditional methods by professional practitioners trained to your expectations. We use only certified, 100% natural products. All massages are performed with Argan oil scented with essential oils.


Relaxing Massage

Alternate manual pressure and slides to fully relax body and mind as well as provide optimal body hydration.

30 mn

Slimming Massage

Argan oil, known for its anti-cellulite properties, manual palpate & roll.

45 mn €66

Tonic Massage

Relax muscles to enjoy a feeling of lightness.


Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle massage technique to stimulate lymphatic circulation and detoxify the body while strengthening the immune system.

45mn €66

Foot Reflexology

Foot massage based on reflex points to address all the ills of the body.

30mn €50

Back Massage

Smooth and relax facial muscles with this head & facial massage for a healthy glow.

30mn €39

Facial Massage

Energetic yet soft massage to relax the whole body.

30mn €39

Prenatal massage

Professional argan oil massage for pregnant women.





Pedicure + nail polish OPI




Manicure + nail polish OPI


Nail polish OPI


French manicure OPI


Pedicure + manicure + nail polish OPI



Full leg


½ leg










Arm or back




Lip or eyebrow


Allow €15 transport fee for care delivered if only one care.


Hammam steam bath and black soap scrub

Eucalyptus black soap scrub to renew skin and relax muscles.


Hammam steam bath & Ghassoul wrap

Moroccan clay wrap for deep cleansing of both body and hair.


Hammam Steam bath & Henna wrap

For skin with a golden sheen, an even complexion and a naturally tanned look.


Argan oil body and hair wrap

To hydrate and sooth the skin and revitalize the scalp.


Hammam, black soap scrub & wrap

Henna or Ghassoul.


Hammam, black soap scrub & coffee wrap

1H €61

Royal Botanika Hammam

Exfoliation and clay wrap followed with a soaping with SWEET shower oil from the BOTANIKA range.
Made with argan and jojoba oils, this treatment gives you intense pleasure through its gourmet notes.

1H €72


Moisturizing body care

Sea salts & verbena scrub, with pink clay wrap and Argan oil modeling.

1H €61

Slimming body care

Sea salts & green tea scrub, with seaweed wrap and Argan oil modeling.

1H €72


Oriental face radiance care

White clay & Argan powder scrub, pink or green clay mask and honey & saffron modeling.

1H €66

Botanika facial care

Mask with calendula and argan leaf extract, for a moisturizing effect that rebalances the flow.

1H €94

Wrinkle facial care

White clay & Argan powder scrub, honey & saffron glow mask and prickly pear ant wrinkle modeling.

1H €72


Oriental ritual

Hammam & black soap scrub, 7 plants Ghassoul wrap or Verbena sea salt scrub & rose water clay wrap and 1 hour relaxing massage.

1H45 €94

Wellness Ritual

Hammam and black soap scrub, 30 minutes relaxing massage, pedicure & manicure.

2H15 €103

Shine Ritual

Hammam & black soap scrub, 7 plants Ghassoul wrap or Verbena sea salt scrub and rose water clay wrap, a 1 hour relaxing massage & Oriental splendor facial care.

2H55 €121

Allow €15 transport fee if only 1 care delivered. The second care must be at least €20. Hammam heating care offered if 2 or more are made the same day if heating €30 for half a day.

Yoga - Wellness

Our Coaching Services specialized in well-being

Your coach will move in your villa.

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of sports teaching and teacher, graduated from the French State Patent of Sports Educator, patent of Federal Animator in French Box Savate (Several times Champion Coupe de France high level sports), specialty training in aquagym and specialization training in Pilates, Pilates Ball, swiss ball, gym stick, awakening kids, muscular awakening seniors. His sporting and educational experience allows him to offer you a wide range of exercises adapted to your needs and desires.