Visit Marrakech and its surroundings: the most beautiful places to discover

Marrakech is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. Visit Marrakech is a unique experience to live! It is a mythical city that offers many opportunities for tourism: curious travelers will be able to make their selection. We offer 5 must-see sites for your stay in Morocco. So discover them and plan your trip with the article below.

Discover the place Jemaa El-fna in Marrakech

This is often the first place that comes to mind when we think of Marrakech: the iconic place. This is a historical symbol since the place has existed for several hundred years. Its location makes it a popular site for tourists. It allows you to also visit the souks of the city, known worldwide. It should be known that the Jemaa El Fna square attracts more than a million travelers every year.

You will find all the representative activities of the city: typical stalls, musicians but also dancers and snake charmers. If you want to eat in the evening, know that the street restaurants arrive from 17h to discover local dishes.

Visit the Majorelle garden

The Majorelle garden is a pearl not to be missed: created by the painter Jacques Majorelle all around his studio, it was bought by Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent. Work has been done to preserve this magical place. The Majorelle Garden is a unique space to visit Marrakech.

The Majorelle garden can be recognized by its famous blue walls and is famous for being an island of freshness in the imperial city of Marrakech. A Berber museum is now part of the garden and visitors can also contemplate the memorial of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who died in 2008.
The garden is open from 8am to 5.30pm and the entrance fee is around € 6.50. As for the Berber museum, its entrance is 2.75 €.

The magic of the Medina and the souks of Marrakech

The Medina is the old part of the city, unlike the more modern districts. The Medina of Marrakech is huge: it covers 600 hectares and is the oldest inhabited city in North Africa. It is a must for visiting Marrakech.

It is full of period fountains, flavored gardens and shady patios. Discover its narrow streets full of charm and find typical Moroccan objects in the souks of Marrakech ! The souks are grouped by trade and you will find everything: babouches, spices but also clothes or carpets. Stroll from a souk to another and above all, do not hesitate to haggle your favorite pieces: this is the rule that applies to everyone on the spot.

Visit Marrakech: discover the Médersa Ben-Youssef

The medersa is an Arabic term for school and it is one of the treasures of Marrakech. The Médersa Ben-Youssef was built in the 16th century by Sultan Adbellah Al Ghalib. A true jewel of the city, this school welcomed students from all over the world.

You will have the chance to admire its Arab-Andalusian architecture which was restored in the 1950s. Visits are allowed every day from 8h to 17h and the price is only 2 €. It is a must in the city with sets made by the most talented artists of the time.

Discover the Bahia Palace in Marrakech

Nicknamed the “palace of the beautiful”, the palace of Bahia was built in the nineteenth century by the grand vizier Ba Ahmed to be a favorite. This unique construction occupies a plot of over 10 hectares with more than 150 pieces. Gardens were created by the greatest Andalusian and Moroccan artisans of the time.

Visitors can discover a small part of the palace but it is still a must in Marrakech. This building is open from 9h to 16h30 for the sum of 1 €, only.

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