Your Stay

You will love Slow Life!

Take the time to live and savor simple pleasures, reconnect with yourself, share beautiful moments with your loved ones, disconnect from work, open up to the world, contemplate nature, consume responsible and sustainable, … La Slow life is all this and much more.

MPR will do everything to get rid of material and logistical constraints and leave you only the pleasure of living in the present moment. Your personal villa manager will personally welcome you and introduce you to your villa and our services.

In all our private villas, you will have, throughout your stay, house staff for meals, table service, cleaning and a garden to maintain the park and the swimming pool (all our villas have a swimming pool heated). These people will be at your disposal to make your stay a real vacation and leave you only pleasure thanks to our services!

Our service in the villas is also household and swimming pool linen as well as bathroom products from the brand “Les Sens de Marrakech”

For those who have chosen our Premium meal service, you will have access to 3 additional services:

  • Your cook will offer you meals inspired by traditional recipes based on carefully selected seasonal products from small local producers
  • You will have access to our private concierge to organize your stay
  • A mobile phone will be provided free of charge to reach your villa manager 24/24