Known for being a tourist country, enjoying beautiful landscapes, Morocco also has a very rich gastronomy. Marrakech Private Resort tells you more.

Discover gastronomy in Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is rich and diverse. Indeed, there is a great mix of influences at once Berber, Arab, Jewish and Moorish. The traces of the French protectorate are also felt with the presence of wine, breakfast and the arts of the table. While some dishes can be found in other countries of North Africa (couscous, tajine, méchoui …), there are many other typical Moroccan dishes starting with the harira (traditional soup to break the fast of Ramadan), the Tagoula (barley flour porridge) or orange salad flavored with cinnamon. These are just a few examples. If you are hungry for flavors that are still unknown to you, do not hesitate to visit Morocco!

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